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The home I bought had previously had a guardian security sign in th eyard, so I figured I would save on installation.

I did. But then the batttery in the old system went bad, and there were going bill me a $100+ to replace it.

I said then just cancel it. They said no. You signed a 5 year contract. I said where did it say that? they said you signed it.

This is criminal, and at that time, I should have had the right to cancel without penalty. But they said no. and I beleived them.

I was wrong. I was lied to, as well previously decieved.

This company is a bunch on *** artists.Avoid them no matter what they say.

Product or Service Mentioned: Guardian Protection Services Security System.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States #618683

I call ***. For a service tech to come out and change a new battery, it is only $50.

$25 for the tech to come out, and $25 for the battery. ***, depending on what system you have they would just send you one for $26 plus shipping, so what is this $100 *** that you're making up? It sounds to me like you broke something which wouldn't be covered under your extended repair agreement, and now you think they owe you something because you're a retard.

Check BBB, and you'll see that only bums like yourself who think the world owes you something complains about this company. The only "*** artist" I see, is the douche bag that thinks he shouldn't have to pay for things when they break or go bad.

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